We were going to release a record and go on tour but anyways pandemic

Holy shit, our first blog post! What an occasion. When's the last time you read a band's blog? Never? That sounds right. This blog may not buck that trend, but let it exist as some kind of account of record, like Captain Scott's Last Expedition, or the parts of House of Leaves that actually made sense to me.

I won't get into what a lived Chernobyl 2020 has been because honestly, the only thing worse than a band that can't play shows is a band that won't shut up about how they can't play shows. Instead, I'll talk briefly about what our plans for the year were going to be because maybe it will make me feel better about the 150-odd vinyl hockeypucks that are now sitting in my closet instead of on a merch table somewhere in Ohio.

The calendar year started off quite well. We had toured a bit in BC and Alberta in October, recorded an EP in November, and had the masters in our hot little ears (?) by the end of December. Since I'm in my mid 30s and my bandmates aren't far behind, I figured there was no time like the present to go full steam ahead on plans to get out and play the damn thing in front of people. On only the second day of the year, we had a listening party and played a sneaky little set for friends and well-wishers at Avant Garden in Chinatown. It was one of those nights that makes you feel like maybe, for once, you didn't screw it all up.

The other big news around this time was the addition of our fourth member, Rory. We had rolled with a fourth member for a little while at the beginning of the band process, but all our shows up to that point and the recording of our record were done as a three-piece, so this represented a pretty big change in a lot of ways. Recording the EP, though, we realized that there was a key dimension to having another guitar part on most songs that would probably be indispensible moving forward. Fortunately, Rory and I had worked together on another project, so I was familiar with what he could do and what kind of person he was. To say the least, working with him has been a bright constellation in an otherwise starless night.

Interestingly, our only real hiatus this year was actually pre-virus: I was in Taiwan and Vietnam for about a month in Jan/Feb as the slow moving train wreck was unfolding. By the time I got back near the end of February, we had just enough time to hurriedly get back up to speed, including getting our new guitarist onboarded, in time to play a record release show in Vancouver (Red Gate). Timing was so tight, we picked up the vinyl copies the morning of the show.

A fuller local tour was supposed to follow at the end of March, with a cross-Canada/US jaunt planned for the summer. C'est la vie. Of all the countless tragedies inflicted by forces beyond everyone's control, our sorrows don't even register. But at the risk of being a total fusspot, let me be clear that working hard for the better part of two years to properly launch a band only to be defeated by something you can't even see sucks, mannn.

We still have this record we're very proud of, and I guess that will live in perpetuity in one way or another. In the meantime, we've been writing our debut full-length, although who knows when it will make sense to record and release that. If you want a vinyl copy (we think they look great!) of the EP, please don't hestitate to hit our Bandcamp page or just contact us directly for local delivery/pickup. 

And hey, for whatever time period we're able to avoid getting this virus and continue writing music together, in whatever way we can, I guess we should feel lucky.

But also, like, ugh.

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